Update on AASHTO specification on PEM

We are happy to report that the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials is making progress on a specification for performance engineered concrete mixtures for pavements. The specification has been balloted with no negatives, meaning it will be published in February 2017.

A CP Tech Center team has led the development of the spec on behalf of FHWA and the National Concrete Consortium members and is working on plans to help with needed training and implementation.

Publication of the provisional specification by AASHTO culminates a concerted effort, working with agencies and industry partners, to develop a practical specification built on engineering properties that relate to pavement performance.

Presentations from Iowa Better Concrete Conference

The CP Tech Center was again a sponsor of the annual Iowa Better Concrete Conference, organized by the Iowa chapter of the American Concrete Institute, which was held at Iowa State University on November 10, 2016.

The conference featured several guest presentations about projects in Iowa and other states, followed by concurrent sessions focused on Iowa projects and issues. Link to presentations via the CP Tech Center website.

Taylor responds to questions about joint deterioration

During the Better Concrete Conference, Director Peter Taylor was interviewed by WHOTV, Channel 13 News (Des Moines), about salts-related deterioration of joints in concrete pavements.