New report on internal curing available

Picture of internal curing report

The CP Tech Center is involved in several projects to test a relatively new technique—internal curing (IC)—that promotes hydration in portland cement concrete. The fundamental concept is to provide reservoirs of water within the mixture that, without increasing the initial water/cementitious materials ratio, make water available to help continue hydration once the system starts to dry out.

One study, involving a bridge deck in Buchanan County, Iowa, has been completed. Half of a new bridge deck used internal curing. In the test section mixture, water reservoirs were provided by replacing 20 percent by mass of the fine aggregate with saturated lightweight fine aggregate. Based on laboratory and field testing, the service life for the IC section of bridge deck is predicted to be about 20 years longer than that of the control section. See the full report and tech transfer summary.

Note: This report was highlighted in the June 7, 2016 edition of TRB E-Newsletter.

Dump truck driving over new Buchanan County Bridge

Live load testing on new Buchanan County bridge deck

Spring 2016 "road show"

From January-May 2016, CP Tech Center staff delivered 18 presentations or workshops in 14 states/provinces and presented 15 webinars:

Presentations and on-site workshops

  • CO: overlays (2 workshops)
  • IA: new life for old pavements
  • IL: mix design
  • Manitoba (Canada): university collaborations
  • MO/KS: CP Tech Center overview
  • MI: performance-engineered mixtures
  • NE: jointing; pavement management; materials research
  • NV: pavement preservation
  • OK: constructability
  • PA: overlays
  • TN: pavement preservation
  • UT: performance-engineered mixtures
  • WA: preservation (2 workshops)
  • WI: overlays


  • Internal curing (TTCC sponsored, 3 events, 89 participants)
  • Recycling (TTCC sponsored, 3 events, 34 participants)
  • Preservation and maintenance (2 events, FHWA sponsored, 133 participants)
  • Materials-related distresses (2 events, FHWA sponsored, 281 participants)
  • Aggregate gradation (2 events, FHWA sponsored, 103 participants)

Note: Actual participant numbers are higher, because several people signed on as groups. To track all CP Tech Center activities, follow our Twitter feed @CPTechCenter.

Map of states and provinces aided in 2016

During spring 2016, CP Tech Center staff provided in-person training/information in 15 states and provinces

Recorded webinars online

The CP Tech Center is replacing some face-to-face training with web-based workshops, reducing travel-related expenses for both presenters and participants. To accommodate participants in different time zones, we are offering many webinars more than once, at different times of the day.

You can find recordings and PDF versions of presentations slides for several of CP Tech Center's spring 2016 webinars on the CP Tech Center website.

The schedule for fall 2016 webinars, which will include the topics fly ash and dowel cage stabilization, will be published soon.

Smoothness technology showcase in August

The CP Tech Center is organizing a Real-time Smoothness Technology Showcase on August 9, 2016, in Salt Lake City. The showcase, hosted by Utah DOT and intended for agencies and contractors, includes a morning workshop and an afternoon visit to the I-15 work site to observe RTS technologies in action.

This event is sponsored by the FHWA as part of the SHRP 2 Renewal project: Real-time Smoothness Measurements on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements during Construction.

There is no cost for the event, but advance registration is required.

Panoramic photo looking down longitudinally tined road

Longitudinal tining is one construction technique for producing smooth, quiet concrete pavements

New: Resources for students

The CP Tech Center is providing university students (and anyone else who's interested) with links to our most popular technical publications about designing and building concrete pavement systems. Through his membership in ACI, Director Peter Taylor is promoting this web page to faculty around the country.

Please consider highlighting this online resource when you make presentations or conduct training.