Two-Lift Concrete Paving

In May 2006, a team of 13 concrete pavement and materials specialist from the United States visited with Canada and 5 countries in Europe to identify design philosophies, materials requirements, construction practices, and maintenance strategies used to construct and manage portland cement concrete pavements with long life expectancies. The team identified two-lift construction as having significant potential for implementation in the United States.


2008 National Two-Lift Paving Open House

October 15-16, 2008, Salina and Abilene, Kansas



2007 Workshop and training materials

June 27, 2007, FHWA video conference (download the conference minutes 60 kb pdf)

June 28, 2007, Kansas DOT workshop (download the workshop minutes 51 kb pdf). In addition to the presentations above, which were given again, the following were given:

2006 International Scan on Long-life Concrete Pavements

Technical documents

Other resources

To view a Roads and Bridges article on two-lift concrete paving written by National CP Tech Center staff, visit

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