Iowa Data Collection and Analysis for the 2005-2006 National Surface Characteristics Field Experiment Plan (TR-537)

Project Status


Start Date: 04/01/2005
End Date: 03/31/2006


Principal Investigator(s)


  • Iowa Highway Research Board


About the Research

One of the most important issues in portland cement concrete pavement research today is surface characteristics. The issue is one of balancing surface texture construction with the need for durability, skid resistance, and noise reduction. The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center at Iowa State University, in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, American Concrete Pavement Association, International Grinding and Grooving Association, Iowa Highway Research Board, and other states, have entered into a three-part National Surface Characteristics Program to resolve the balancing problem. As a portion of Part 2, this report documents the construction of 18 separate pavement surfaces for use in the first level of testing for the national project. It identifies the testing to be done and the limitations observed in the construction process. The results of the actual tests will be included in the subsequent national study reports.

Two guys pouring molds on a new cement slab

Texture mold construction