De-Icing Agent Performance Evaluation

Project Status


Start Date: 09/01/2012
End Date: 05/31/2013


Principal Investigator(s)


  • Iowa Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)
  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach


About the Research

The presence of snow and ice during winter in northern states, including Iowa, leads to many problems related to public safety and transportation efficiency. Therefore, selecting a deicing product to solve these problems is important. There is a continuous search for the ideal product that is effective against ice, and not harmful to pavement and environment at the same time.

A laboratory program was carried out to investigate the effects of the de-icing product, named Ossian Season One, on a portland cement concrete pavement mixture. The assessment includes the following:

  • Damage to concrete
  • Effect on skid resistance
  • Sealing effect on concrete

Based on the findings of this work, the data collected indicate that, in all cases, the effects of Ossian Season One are either acceptable, neutral, or beneficial.