Performance Properties of Ternary Mixtures for Concrete Pavements: Scoping Study (Proj. 13)

Project Status


Start Date: 10/01/2003
End Date: 03/31/2004


Principal Investigator(s)


  • Federal Highway Administration


About the Research

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) such as pozzolans and slag extend the market for concrete products by improving specific concrete properties. In properly formulated concrete mixes, pozzolans and slag have been shown to enhance long-term strength, decrease permeability, increase durability, reduce thermal cracking of mass concrete, minimize or eliminate cracking related to alkali-silica reaction, and minimize or eliminate cracking related to sulfate attack. This project evaluated the need for additional research into the use of SCMs in concrete for highway applications. Special emphasis was given to the concept of using two or more SCMs in a single concrete mixture. The scope of the study was limited to a literature survey and panel discussions concerning issues relevant to the project. A problem statement with research plan was created that could be used to guide a pooled fund project.