Portland Cement Concrete Patching Techniques vs. Performance and Traffic Delay

Project Status


Start Date: 01/01/2003
End Date: 01/15/2004


Principal Investigator(s)


  • Dept of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, ISU


About the Research

Standards for the construction of full-depth patching in portland cement concrete pavement usually require replacement of all deteriorated based materials with crushed stone, up to the bottom of the existing pavement layer. In an effort to reduce the time of patch construction and costs, the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at Iowa State University studied the use of extra concrete depth as an option for base construction. This report compares the impact of additional concrete patching material depth on rate of strength gain, potential for early opening to traffic, patching costs, and long-term patch performance. This report also compares those characteristics in terms of early setting and standard concrete mixes. The results have the potential to change the method of Portland cement concrete pavement patch construction in Iowa.