Implementation Manual for 3D Engineered Models for Construction

Project Status


Start Date: 01/01/2014
End Date: 09/30/2015


Principal Investigator(s)


  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Federal Highway Administration State Planning and Research Funding


About the Research

Three-dimensional (3D) engineered modeling is a relatively new and developing technology that can provide numerous benefits to owners, engineers, contractors, and the general public. This manual is for highway agencies that are considering or are in the process of switching from 2D plan sets to 3D engineered models in their highway construction projects. It discusses some of the benefits, applications, limitations, and implementation considerations for 3D engineered models used for survey, design, and construction. Note that is not intended to cover all eventualities in all states regarding the deployment of 3D engineered models for highway construction. Rather, it describes how one state—Iowa—uses 3D engineered models for construction of highway projects, from planning and surveying through design and construction.