2017 TTCC-National Concrete Consortium Meetings

Spring 2017 Meeting

April 25-27 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Meeting Highlights



TTCC Pooled Fund States Meeting
National CP Tech Center Overview - Peter Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., Director
National CP Tech Center Updates - Steve Tritsch, P.E., Associate Director
Dowel Spec Update and Round Robin Topics - Maria Masten, P.E., NC2 Chair


Spring 2017 NC2 States

20 Years of MC2 - NC2
Looking Back on 20 Years of MC2/NC2 - Steve Tritsch, National CP Tech Center
Where it All Began - Jim Grove, P.E. - ATI/FHWA
Kansas K-96 High Performance Concrete Pavement - 20 Years Later - Dave Meggers, P.E., KDOT and Todd LaTorella, P.E., MO/KS ACPA

FHWA Updates
FHWA’s Sustainable Pavement Program - Heather Dylla, Ph.D., FHWA
FHWA Mobile Concrete Lab - Mike Praul, P.E., FHWA

CP Tech Updates - Steve Tritsch

State Reports Summary - Bridge Deck Overlays/Approaches - Maria Masten, P.E., MnDOT
State Survey Responses- part 1
State Survey Responses - part 2

States Presentations
Precast Concrete Pavements Update - Mehdi Parvini, Ph.D, P.E., Caltrans
Polyester Concrete - Lonnie Marchant, P.E., Utah DOT
Indiana Research on Early Opening to Traffic of Pavement Patches - Tommy Nantung, Ph.D., P.E., Indiana DOT and Jason Weiss, Ph.D, Oregon State University
Illinois Early-Age Response to Fatigue Loading - James Krstulovich, P.E., Illinois DOT
Concrete Shrinkage and Its Relationship to Internal Curing - Tommy Nantung, Ph.D., P.E., Indiana DOT and Jason Weiss, Ph.D., Oregon State University

NRRA Update - Brett Trautman, P.E., Missouri DOT



RCC Future: Results from LTRC’s Accelerated Loading Facility - Tyson Rupnow, Ph.D., P.E., Louisiana TRC
Laboratory and Fatigue Evaluation of Continuously Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement - John Kevern, Ph.D., P.E., University of Missouri-Kansas City
Today’s Fly Ash With a Look Toward Tomorrow’s Fly Ash - Rafic Minkara, Ph.D., P.E., Headwaters Resources

Harmonization with ASTM - Colin Lobo, Ph.D., P.E., NRMCA
Emerging VCMD (Aggregate) and ACCT (Concrete) Test Methods for Formulating Performance Based ASR-Resistant Concrete Mixes - Anol Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., P.G., Texas A&M TTI
TX ASR Exposure Sites Update - Andy Naranjo, P.E., Texas DOT

State Experience Implementing PP65
Pennsylvania DOT - Neal Fannin, P.E.
Nebraska DOR - Lieska Halsey, P.E.

Business Meeting and Election
Business Meeting Notes

Quick Updates
Dowel Bar Task Force - Maria Masten, P.E., MnDOT
HIPERPAVE - Jagan Gudimettla, P.E., FHWA

Mountain View Corridor Technical Tour Presentation - Joe Kammerer, P.E., UDOT, Project Manager for Mountain View Corridor
MVC Project Pictures

Performance Engineered Mixes (PEM)
FHWA Perspective - Mike Praul, P.E., FHWA
AASHTO PP84 - Cecil Jones, P.E., Diversified Engineering Services
PEM TPF Solicitation Update - Peter Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., CP Tech Center
Q & A - Tyler Ley, Ph.D., P.E., Oklahoma State; Jason Weiss, Ph.D., Oregon State; Peter Taylor, Ph.D, P.E., CP Tech Center, ISU

Shrinkage Testing
Shrinkage Testing and Challenges - Jafar Allahham, University of Utah
Tests Available - Pro’s and Con’s - Jason Weiss, Ph.D., Oregon State University


Fall 2017 Meeting

September 19-21 - Minneapolis, MN