2016 TTCC-National Concrete Consortium Meetings

Fall 2016 Meeting

August 28 - September 1, 2016 - San Antonio, Texas

The Fall 2016 TTCC-National Concrete Consortium was held in conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Concrete Pavements.

Meeting Highlights

TTCC States Meeting

CP Tech Technical Products Update
Training Matrix for Future Tech Transfer Priorities
Performance-Engineered Mixtures (PEM) Update
CP Road Map -
Summary of the TTCC State Surveys - Masten
TTCC State Surveys

NC2 State Posters Exhibited at the ICCP Poster Session

Alabama (Golden) - Friction and Texture Retention of Concrete Pavements after Diamond Grinding and Grooving Georgia (Smith) - Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Georgia (Waters) - Roller-Compacted Concrete in Georgia
Idaho (Santi) - Full Depth Reclamation in Idaho Illinois (Krstulovich) - Evaluating Compressive Strength of Core and In Situ Specimens of PCC Pavement Iowa (Hanson) - Iowa Carbonate Aggregate Durability Classification
Louisiana (Collier) - Internal Curing: Research Results and Two LADOTD Case Studies Louisiana (Raghavendra) - Surface Resistivity Implementation in Louisiana Michigan (Bennett) - Penetrating Sealers as Preventive Maintenance for Premature Frost Deterioration of Joints
Michigan (Staton) - MDOT Aggregate Test Road SB U-23: Long-Term Performance Evaluation Minnesota (Andersen) - Procedure for Evaluating Asphalt Pavements for Thin Bonded Concrete Overlays Missouri (Trautman) - Utilizing RCA in New Concrete Pavement
Nebraska (Halsey) - Evaluation of Lightweight Pieces in Aggregates North Carolina (Surti) - Concrete Pavement for Local Roads & Streets North Dakota (Schumaker) - Evaluating Concrete Properties for Performance
Oklahoma (Romero) - I-40 Crosstown Oklahoma S Dakota (Hodges) - Tolerances for Placement of Tie Bars in PCC Pavements S Dakota (Smith) - Tie Bar Inspections Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Washington (Russell) - Preservation Strategies for the Concrete Pavement Network of the Washington State Department of Transportation Wisconsin (Hayes) - Moving Forward in Wisconsin

Spring 2016 Meeting

April 26-28, 2016 - Columbus, Ohio

Meeting Highlights


NC2 States

Performance Engineered Mixes (PEMs)
Provisional spec update - Jones, Diversified Engineering Services
Summary of 2015 testing - Taylor, National CP Tech Center
ASTM C1753 test protocol - Cost, Holcim

CP Tech Center Updates
RCA (Recycled Concrete Aggregate) survey results/training and technical assistance - Cackler, CP Tech Center
CP Tech Center products - Gross, CP Tech Center

FHWA Updates - Ahlstrom/Praul/Duval, FHWA

New Research Results
ALF testing of RCC - Rupnow, Louisiana TRC
Self-powered sensors for concrete - Lajnef/Zaabar, Michigan State University
Fiber-reinforced PCC study (Phase 1) - Rupnow, Louisiana TRC and Kevern, UMKC

State Bridge Survey Summary - Masten, Minnesota DOT
TTCC States Surveys
Bridge Deck Crack Prevention - Knapp, Caltrans
LADOTD Concrete Specifications - Collier, Louisiana TRC

Business Meeting
Election - Masten, Minnesota DOT
Dowel bar task force update - Masten/Burnham, Minnesota DOT
Business meeting notes


High performance concrete/UHPC for bridges
Bridge deck cracking - Darwin, University of Kansas
Bridge deck curing systems - Ley, Oklahoma State University
Non-proprietary UHPC - El-Tawil, University of Michigan
Evaluation of performance-based concrete for bridge decks - Wilson, Washington DOT
Implementing HPC requirements state and industry panel - Staton, Michigan DOT and DeGraaf, Michigan Concrete Association

Shotcrete Specifications: An Intro to the Shotcrete Process - Hanskat, American Shotcrete Association
Shotcreting project experience - Dan Miller, Ohio DOT

Internal curing for bridges - case studies
Indiana - Weiss, Oregon State University, Zander/Nantung, Indiana DOT
Illinois Tollway - Gillen, IL Tollway <


Jeremiah Morrow Bridge technical tour presentation - Mendel, Ohio DOT