2015 TTCC-National Concrete Consortium Meetings

Fall 2015 Meeting

September 15-17, 2015, Milwaukee, WI


Meeting highlights


NC2 States
Welcome - Olson, Wisconsin DOT

Performance Engineered Mixes (PEMs):
Super Air Meter (SAM) and Box Tests - Ley, Oklahoma State University
Formation Factor and LTDSC Test Results - Weiss, Oregon State University and Sprague, Purdue University
Illinois Tollway Experience with Performance Engineered Mixes - Gillen, Illinois Tollway
FHWA Mobile Lab Field Experiences with New/Innovative Tests - Gudimettla, FHWA

Joint Sawing and Sealing Practices:
State Survey Summary - Masten, Minnesota DOT
State Summaries - Full
Wisconsin Unsealed Joint Performance - McMullen, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association
Indiana Sawcutting Research - Nantung, Indiana DOT
Nebraska Penetrating Sealers - Halsey, Nebraska DOR
MnRoad Topical Sealants Performance - Sutter, Michigan Tech



FHWA Updates - Ahlstrom, FHWA
LTPP - Scofield, ACPA
Dowel Bar Task Force - Snyder
National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) Pooled Fund - Burnham, Minnesota DOT
WisDOT Zoo Interchange Project - Luck, Wisconsin DOT
ACI Concrete Research Network - Kosmatka, PCA

Performance Engineered Mixes (PEMs):
Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures and Quality Assurance Program - Ahlstrom, FHWA
Draft PEM Specification: The What's and How's - Taylor, CP Tech Center and Van Dam, NCE

Joint Sawing and Sealing Practices:
Early Entry Sawing Best Practices - Fruth, Husqvarna
Conventional Sawing Best Practices - Eilken, Quality Saw and Seal
Use of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity to Assess Sawing Time - Wang and Taylor, CP Tech Center

Business Meeting Items:
Business Meeting Minutes
Special Election/Bylaw Approval

Bylaws (as approved September 16, 2015)
CP Tech Center Technology Transfer Products/Deployment - Harrington, CP Tech Center


Combustion Products for Concrete and Other Applications: Oak Creek Power Plant - Ramme, WEC Energy Group

Spring 2015 Meeting

April 21-23, 2015, Reno, NV

Meeting Highlights
Business Meeting Minutes


NC2 Background - Masten, MnDOT
Assessing Air Void System of Fresh Concrete using SAM - Ardani, FHWA
State Reports on Curing Presentation- Masten, MnDOT
State Reports Summary - Masten, MnDOT
State Reports - All
Internal Curing Research on US 54 in Allen Co., KS - Meggers, KDOT
Update-IL Tollway HPC Bridge Decks - Gillen, IL Tollway
Internal Curing of Concrete Bridge Decks in Utah - Lee, UT DOT
Internal Curing Report-UDOT
HP Curing compounds for Concrete Pavement in Wisconsin - McMullen, WI Concrete Paving Assn
Curling and Warping of Concrete Pavements - Van Dam, NCE and Ley, OSU
Update on Curing Test Method and Pumping Model - Zollinger, Texas A&M
FHWA Updates: Sustainable Pavements, , Mix Designs, Quality Assurance - Ahlstrom/Praul, FHWA
Internal Curing - Weiss, Purdue
Performance Engineered Mixtures - Taylor, CP Tech Center
Concrete Durability Performance Specifications - Weiss, Purdue
Plan to Move Resistivity (Formation Factor) Specifications Ahead - Weiss, et al
Update on Testing Methods - Ley, OSU


Changes in Cement Fineness and Implications for Performance - Weiss, Purdue
Update on PLC and the Potential for Enhanced SCM Performance - Cost, Holcim
Calcium Sulfoaluminate-Belite Concrete: Structure, Properties, Practice - Beschler, UCLA
CA Experience with Rapid Setting Patching Materials - Parvini, Caltrans
Performance Updates on Rapid Setting Patching Materials-IL Tollway - Gillen, IL Tollway
Rapid Setting Patching-TxDOT - Naranjo, TxDOT
CDOT's SCM History and Usage - Prieve, CDOT
Fly Ash Supply and Quality - Franklin, Headwaters
Coal Ash Regulatory Update - Adams, ACAA
Natural Pozzolans - Adams, Nevada Cement Company
I580 Freeway Extension Project - Tedford, NDOT


Bylaws (Updated)
Future Research Topics for Funding - Cavalline, UNC-Charlotte
Cement Reciprocity Update - Halsey, NDOR
Cement Reciprocity Form
Dowel Bar Task Force Update - Snyder, Consultant and Burnham, MnDOT
Financial Report - Cackler, CP Tech Center
Update on CRC Pavements - Halsted, CRSI
MIT Concrete Science Durability Program - Gregory, MIT
Research Activities at the CP Tech Center - Taylor, CP Tech Center
Technology Deployment at the CP Tech Center - Harrington, CP Tech Center