2012 TTCC-National Concrete Consortium Meetings

Fall 2012 Meeting

September 18, 2012 - Seattle, Washington Held in conjunction with the FHWA International Conference on Long-Life Concrete Pavements


Tuesday, September 18 - Presentations

NC2 State Posters exhibited at the LLCP Conference Poster Session

Alabama-Improvement Revisions to Spec's to Extend the Life of Concrete Pavements California-Caltrans Experience with Ternary Mix for Long-Performing Concrete Colorado-Sustainability of Concrete Pavement: I-225-Mississippi to 6th Avenue
Georgia-Concrete Pavement: Sweet as a Georgia Peach Iowa1-Indication of Chloride Permeability in Pavement Cores at Various Ages Iowa2-Recycling of Iowa Pavements
Michigan-Salt Frost Deterioration in Concrete Pavement: Causes and Mitigation Nebraska1-Nebraska DOR Evaluation of Statewide Aggregate Reactivity-Phase I Nebraska2-Nebraska DOR Evaluation of Statewide Aggregate Reactivity-Phase II
Ohio-Evaluation of Alternative Dowel Bar Materials and Coatings Oklahoma-Designing Pavements for Long Term Stability in Expansive Clays Pennsylvania-Long-Life Concrete Pavement Applied to I-95 Corridor in Philadelphia, PA
S Dakota-South Dakota DOT Tie Bar Inspections Using Ground Penetrating Radar Texas-Determining CoTE for Concrete Utah-Long Lasting Concrete Repair: Maximizing UDOT's Investment
Washington-Preserving the Long Life Concrete Pavement Network of the Washington State DOT

Spring 2012 Meeting

March 27-29, 2012 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Tuesday, March 27 - Presentations

Wednesday, March 28 - Presentations

Thursday, March 29 - Presentations

State Reports on NDT Testing

Alabama California Colorado Georgia Illinois Illinois Tollway
Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana Michigan Minnesota
Missouri Nebraska New York N Carolina N Dakota Nebraska
Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania S Dakota Texas Utah
Washington Wisconsin