National Concrete Consortium (NCC)

About the NCC

The National Concrete Consortium (NCC) is a national forum for concrete pavement research and technology transfer initiatives. NCC is supported through the Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (FHWA Pooled Fund TPF-5(159)).

The goals of the NCC are to identify needed research projects, develop pooled fund initiatives, provide a forum for technology exchange between participants, communicate state agencies' research needs to FHWA and industry, and provide assistance to the CP Road Map.

NCC participating states include Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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NCC Task Force on C595 and C1157 Cements

The NCC Task Force on C595 and C1175 Cements was initiated in order to develop an electronic forum for documenting and exchanging information about the performance characteristics of ASTM C595 / AASHTO M240 and ASTM C1175 cements in concrete for paving and transportation structures.


The objectives of the NCC Cement Task Force are to

  • Establish an electronic resource (website) to
    • Share state experience with projects that have used ASTM C595/AASHTO M240 and ASTM C1157 cement specifications
    • Share testing and project data from cement manufacturers and other laboratories
    • Post or link to relevant research
    • Develop and post Frequently Asked Questions
  • Identify technology transfer needs and meet those needs
  • Report to NCC on task force activities and recommendations


Task Force Documents

Members of the Task Force

  • Peter Taylor, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
  • John Melander, Portland Cement Association
  • Al Innis, Holcim, U.S.
  • Nick Popoff, St. Marys Cement Group
  • Lieska Halsey, Nebraska DOR
  • Tommy Nantung, Indiana DOT
  • John Staton, Michigan DOT
  • Tyson Rupnow, Louisiana DOTD
  • Mehdi Parvini, California DOT