Municipal Streets Seminar

Nov 15, 2017

2017 Seminar Agenda
Introduction - Steve Tritsch, National CP Tech Center
Main Street Improvements, Maquoketa, Iowa - John Wandsnider and Andy Goedken, IIW, PC; and Frank Ellenz, City of Maquoketa
Urban Concrete Overlays - Pat Bickett, Schlotfelt Engineering
Paving for Progress - Doug Wilson, City of Cedar Rapids
Concrete Distress - Assessments and Solutions - Dale Harrington, Snyder & Associates for CP Tech Center
SUDAS Update - Paul Wiegand, SUDAS Director
Surface Sealers - John Cunningham, Snyder & Associates for CP Tech Center
E-Ticketing - Greg Mulder, ICPA

Nov 17, 2016

2016 Seminar Agenda
Recycling Concrete Pavement - Tom Cackler, Woodland Consulting
ADA Construction - Dan DeGraaf, Michigan Concrete Association
Rebuilding Marion's Central Corridor Project - Michael Barkalow, City of Marion
Coral Ridge Avenue, Phase I - Aaron Granquist, HR Green
Financing Options for Street Improvements - Kristin Cooper, Ahlers and Cooney
PCC Preservation Practices - Nick Humpal and Ron Loecher, Iowa DOT District 2
Tools and Strategies for Public Engagement - Wade Greiman, Snyder & Associates
Alternate Bidding - John Dostart, Iowa DOT

Nov 18, 2015 2015 Seminar Agenda
Pavement Management Systems - Bill Weiss, Applied Pavement Technology
PCC Rehabilitation Methods - Mark Rahm, City of Mason City, and
PCC Rehabilitation Methods - Robert Schiesl/Greg Doeden, City of Dubuque
Subgrades and Subbases - Dale Harrington, CP Tech Center
Utility Patches and Coordination - Lee Tippe, City of Cedar Rapids
Municipal PCC Overlays - Design and Construction - Eric Cowles, City of Ames
Project Showcase - Small City Street - Kathleen Connor, Snyder & Associates
Project Showcase - Alluvion Project - Jeremy Huntsman, HR Green
Nov 12, 2014 2014 Seminar Agenda
Bike Facilities Design for City Systems - Jason Havel, City of Iowa City
2014 Concrete Pavement Preservation Guide Update - Dale Harrington, Snyder & Associates/ISU CP Tech Center
Pavement Thickness Design Methods - Eric Ferrebee, ACPA
Integrated Pavement Solutions - Gordon Smith/John Cunningham, Iowa Concrete Paving Association
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis - John Donahue, Missouri DOT
Alternate Bidding and Iowa DOT's Best Value Method - Wesley Musgrove, IDOT
Performance Engineered Mixtures - Peter Taylor, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Nov 13, 2013

2013 Seminar Agenda
Street Maintenance Plan - How to Reduce Costs and Improve Systems - Paul Moritz and Al Olson, City of Ankeny 
Types of Pavement Issues: Why and Prevention - Jim Grove, Global Consulting Inc.
Value to City on Recycled Concrete - Mike Danburg, Yaggy Colby
Update on Revenue Options for Street Improvements - Mark Cory, Ahlers and Cooney Law Firm
Concrete Pavement Spectrum - John Cunningham, Iowa Concrete Paving Association
Optimize Concrete Pavement Design - Todd M. LaTorella, MO/KS Chapter, American Concrete Pavement Association
Understanding the Effects of Subgrades & Subbases on Pavement Service Life - Dr. David White, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center & Jerod Gross, Snyder & Associates, Inc.

Nov 14, 2012

2012 Seminar Agenda
Beyond Maintenance Bonds: Enhanced Protection for Cities - John Cunningham, Iowa Concrete Paving Association 
Recent Trends in Regional Price Trends - Gordon Smith, Iowa Concrete Paving Association
Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines - Deanna Maifield, Iowa DOT Office of Design
Update on Revenue Options for Street Improvements - Mark Cory, Ahlers and Conney Law Firm
Update on Joint Performance - Dr. Peter Taylor, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Pavement Thickness Design Parameter Impacts - Paul Wiegand, SUDAS