Past Events

National/International Events

Date Events
Various TTCC/National Concrete Consortium Meetings
November 2016 PCC Paving Field Inspection Workshop - Winnipeg, Manitoba
August 9, 2016 Real-Time Smoothness Showcase - Little America, Salt Lake City, UT
March 24, 2015 Workshop on Bonded Concrete Overlay of Asphalt Pavement (Whitetopping) Technology (Powerpoint Download)
Aug 13-14, 2014 3D Engineered Models for Stringless Paving Workshop - St. Louis, MO
Aug 20-21, 2013 Illinois Tollway Open House - Chicago, IL
Sept. 2010 Two-Lift Open House - St. Louis, MO
Sept. 2010 International Conference on Sustainable Concrete Pavements: Practices, Challenges, and Directions
Oct. 2008 Two-Lift Concrete Paving National Open House, October 15-16, 2008 - Salina and Abilene, KS
Sept. 2007 Workshop on Nanotechnology for Cement and Concrete, September 5, 2007 (report)

Iowa Events

Date Events
Various Iowa Better Concrete Conferences
Various Municipal Streets Seminars (Iowa)
Various Iowa Research and Technology Transfer Committee
March 2008 Iowa Concrete Pavement Preservation Workshop
Apr. 2007 IMCP Workshop hosted by Iowa DOT (videos)

Recorded Webinars


Webinar Topic/Title

Download Format

  Best Practices Webinars:    
5/19/2016 Aggregates - Optimized Gradation for Concrete Paving Mixtures mp4 pdf
3/30/2017 Dowel Basket Anchoring Methods mp4   pdf
3/23/2016 Internal Curing mp4 wma pdf
5/11/2016 Materials-Related Distress of PCC mp4 pdf
11/1/2016 Supplementary Cementitious Materials mp4 pdf
11/13/2017 Using Real-Time Smoothness Measurements to Improve Initial Smoothness of PCC Pavements mp4 pdf
  Concrete Pavement Recycling Webinars:    
5/4/2016 Introduction to Recycling of Concrete Pavements mp4   pdf
6/21/2017 Case Studies in Concrete Pavement Recycling mp4 pdf
4/19/2017 Construction Considerations in Concrete Pavement Recycling mp4   pdf
3/29/2017 Environmental Considerations in Concrete Pavement Recycling mp4   pdf

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